Simon Pilbrow Music

Australian Jazz Pianist and Composer

Simon Pilbrow is a Jazz Pianist, originally born in the UK and based out of Melbourne. Simon's debut album, Colours of Sound, includes all original compositions with stunning big band and orchestral arrangements by Brent Fischer.

photo by Alex Hopkins

photo by Alex Hopkins

About Me

Simon Pilbrow was born in Oxford, UK, in 1962.  In 1965 he moved to Melbourne and has lived there ever since (except for two years in the United States). As a child, Simon learned Classical piano and violin through various lessons and summer programs. In the early 1970s his interest in Scott Joplin's ragtime music eventually led to his life long love of Jazz.

Simon studied briefly at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music in Milwaukee, WI.  He has been a member of various groups: Monash Jazz Quintet, Monash University Big Band, Simon Pilbrow Quintet, Julian Driscoll Quartet, Graham Finch Quartet, Peninsula Jazz Trio, "Dizzy's" Big Band, more recently with singer Lizzy Gascoigne and the Ron Gillett/Simon Pilbrow Duo. Simon has been musically active in church most of his life. Simon has also led various efforts to raise money for projects in East Timor and various world natural disasters.

Simon began composing in 1979 and a few compositions including "Ballad for Thad" and "Tribute" (To Bill Evans) are held in the US Library of Congress as a part of the Gerry Mulligan Collection.  Most recently, he recorded 12 of his compositions for the first time with the Brent Fischer Orchestra.