Simon Pilbrow Music

Australian Jazz Pianist and Composer

Simon Pilbrow is a Jazz Pianist, originally born in the UK and based out of Melbourne. Simon's debut album, Colours of Sound, includes all original compositions with stunning big band and orchestral arrangements by Brent Fischer.


colours of sound reviews

“It’s wonderful to hear people playing my tunes and bringing the music to life,” Pilbrow says. “These musicians lovingly get into the music and play with heart and soul — and great technical capacity. These tunes have gestated for a long time, so finally recording them was kind of like birthing a child.”  --DL Media


Lynn René Bayley - ARt Music Lounge

"A wonderful close to a fun album!"


Chris Spector - Midwest Record

"SIMON PILBROW with the Brent Fischer Orchestra/Colours of Sound: The big band orchestra is loaded with jazz greats supporting these two pals who never met until the Internet was in full flower. With nothing but high spots on their resumes, the two combine in a beautiful way that makes killer, swinging jazz that continues to make poppa Clare proud of young(ish) Brent. A jazz lovers special, this high water mark recording is loaded with killer moves that keep your ears on the move. Well done throughout."


Dee Dee Mcneil - Musical Memoirs

"I see the name of Brent Fischer, I know that I am going to hear something of quality and excellence. Pianist, Simon Pilbrow, is very active on the Melboune, Australia jazz scene and he is a composer, with some of his copyrights held in our Library of Congress as part of the Gerry Mulligan Collection. With the direction and skills of Brent Fischer, this recording features thirty-years of Pilbrow’s composing. Music has not always been his career, but rather his passion and these songs were composed while he maintained a medical practice. Simon Pilbrow was also a fan of Brent’s famous father, Clare Fischer. Perhaps it was preordained that Pilbrow’s labor of love would be embraced by Brent Fischer, and ultimately he would make Simon Pilbrow’s original music come to life in the recording studio.

This CD opens with a happy-go-lucky arrangement, full of verve and spunk provided by soloists Carl Saunders on trumpet, trombonist Scott Whitfield and young tenor player, Brian Clancy. The tune, “Australia,” is entirely entertaining and will have you tapping your toe to the ‘Swing’ rhythm and tight horn harmonics. Pilbrow adds his piano expression, with a taste of blues glittering during his solo. “A New Beginning” is a waltz that was inspired by Pilbrow’s wife when they were courting back in 1989. Over the years, he has composed several waltzes with Jean (his wife) in mind, however this was the first one. “Studio City,” a popular Los Angeles County community, was written recently (2015) to celebrate Pilbrow’s time spent and the hospitality he felt at the home of Brent Fischer and his wife while they worked on this project.

On this recording, you will find warmth and melodic substance, arrangements that are plush with harmonics and some of the best players and studio musicians in Southern California interpreting the compositions of Simon Pilbrow. Brent Fischer and composer, Pilbrow unite to find a diverse orchestral approach with Fischer’s arrangements, sometimes using small ensembles and other times using full-blast, big band vigor or beautiful string accompaniments. It’s a heavenly match, with both the presentations and the compositions sure to please."

Great music, wonderfully executed and strong solos throughout. I especially love Ron Stout’s solo on the Woody tribute and Sheppard’s solo on the Blue Mitchell tribute. I’m sure you’ve very satisfied with this. Excellent!
— Michael Cuscuna, jazz record producer and writer; founder of Mosaic Records; consultant, producer and reissue director for Blue Note Records